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Ananias House was started after its founder, Brother John, witnessed firsthand both the devastating impact the civil war in Syria had on his homeland and the miraculous power of God in the lives of His children caught in the crossfire.

 John and his wife Mero who have been married for 8 years, recently added a baby boy Ibrahim to their family.  John and Mero believe that their calling and goal is to train and equip indigenous followers of Christ who understand their own culture, speak the language, live among their people and see the things that those of us in the West cannot see.  With this call on his life, God has been preparing Brother John and his wife for years, both in Damascus and in Houston, to oversee and lead a Bible school to train and equip believers to be used for His Kingdom in the very heart of the Arab World. 

They walk in faith and see God leading them to other Middle Eastern & North-African countries as Turkey and Sudan planting churches and spreading the gospel.  They are passionate about the women in these countries and 2019 sees the women’s ministry training being launched.


  • 10/10 INITIATIVE: We have started our 10/10 Bible Initiative. In the next 2+ years, we are seeking to reach 100,000 individuals with the Scriptures through local churches in the MENA area. By God’s grace, 16,000 Bibles have already been delivered from the hands of the churches into the community. We have also been providing training for churches and their members, especially the younger generation, on how to share the gospel with Muslims and how to respond to their questions. raised $170,000 remaining: $71,000.
  • RELIEF: Thousands of people have been reached through relief efforts, blessed by the provision of meals. They know that Jesus is their Provider and their thanks goes to our Lord. Pray for these people in need who continue to faithfully seek Him, that they would have the strength and perseverance to endure hardships for their faith. we are seeking support for remaining 740 christian families total of: 368,000 
  • FRONTLINE WORKERS: We are empowering 28 frontline workers (FLW), who serve on the frontlines of the spiritual battlefield, serving in areas under high persecution and pressure. They have lost their jobs for following Jesus, and many cannot be hired because of their Christian faith. They are leading churches whose majority are Muslim background believers. And with YOUR support, we are providing for their families asthey focus on discipling the many who are coming to know Jesus. We are working together with them to strengthen the Church, that it would be deep in Christ and not just wide in number. John 8:31: “If you abide in My word, you are truly My disciples.” total for FLW a year $6000. seeking to add 6 FLW Total: $36,000
  • CHILDREN’S EDUCATION: By working alongside the local churches and supporting their Christian evangelical school programs, as well as the powerful hand of our God, we were able to provide safe refuge for OVER 410 children from being trafficked, radicalized and trained for evil intent. We are also providing meals for them which may be the only meal they have all day. These children are becoming soft voices for the Gospel, making an impact for the Lord within their families and with other children. One young girl, Fatama, shared the Gospel with her parents and relatives and asked her teacher to pray with her for their salvation. Our goal is to prepare future church leaders, strengthening these young children in the faith, and empowering the church for tomorrow.  total need $165,000. 
  • SUPPORT ORPHANS: We have aided a small orphanage center operating out of a tent. Due to the great suffering, some parents are unable to provide for their children. As a result, Muslim babies are being abandoned at the schools we work with, left for someone else to feed and take care of them. Muslim background believers are welcoming these babies and raising them as their own. The good news is that 6 children are now being raised by Christians, having the opportunity to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior instead of being taken to the mosque and taught Shariah Law. Pray for these children with us, as we support their day to day lives. $13,000
  • CHURCH PLANTS: We are also seeing churches planted in 2021. So far this year, three new churches have established a physical location and four home churches have been identified in new areas. We continue to seek ways to best serve and empower the church planting movement

Pastor/Leader Training

  • TRAINING: Spiritual empowerment has been taking place in 2021. Our model is 2 Timothy 2:2...“And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many
    witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others.” Praise the Lord, despite COVID-19, we were the first to gather leaders from different countries in the MENA area and complete nine full days of training. In addition, we held six in- country training face-to-face and an additional four trainings on Zoom. We faced many hardships and difficulties, but we persevered to make it possible for trainings to happen in person.
  • TRAINING CENTER: By God’s grace and your support, we were able to invest in a training center in the heart of the Middle East and North Africa. This will be a place in the middle of the Muslim world to empower and train Christian leaders from all countries in the region for generations to come. A training center like this has been a dream for the local churches—a place to empower their leaders, equipping them for ministry as they study theology without taking them away from their local ministry for long periods of time. They will gather one week at a time, 3-4 times a year, and study with other leaders from different nations in their area. They will be able to get to know each other and pray for one another. Due to the economic crisis, we were able to purchase the building at 40% of its value...praise the Lord! This building is a perfect fi t for our training needs. We have completed 80% of the funding and seeking the remaining $250,000 + $130,000 for equipment for classes. $380,000 total.

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