Core Values

Our values guide how we accomplish our mission.


God deserves excellence // We believe that anything we do for God should be done with excellence and honor Him.


We live what we say we believe // We believe that as we go about doing what God has called us to, we should live lives that reflect the things we say.


God formed us creatively to be creative // We believe that the sharing and growing in our faith should be done in new, fresh ways, so more people can understand and believe.


Our relationships matter: our church, our families, our friends // We believe that our lives and church should be balanced in living out our mission through our ministries, our families, our careers and in spiritual friendships with others.


God provides for all our needs // We believe when God started Copperfield Church, He promised to provide for all of our needs financially, spiritually and relationally. We live this faith out in our daily lives.