Pastor Search Committee & Transition Plan

To be completed by members of Copperfield Church.

A Pastor Search Committee has the responsibility of finding the next Lead Pastor. Members of Copperfield Church are being asked to nominate candidates from our congregation to serve on the Pastor Search Committee.

The Pastor Search Committee will:
1.  Review resumes based on job description
2.  Interview potential candidate(s)
3.  Recommend preferred candidate
4.  Cooperate with the Personnel Committee to develop and recommend a salary-benefits package including salary, expenses, benefits, personal development time, etc.
5.  Attend weekly committee meetings as required

The Pastor Search Committee members should be:
1.  Committed members of the church
2.  Faithful in attendance, giving and serving
3.  Growing as a disciple of Jesus
4.  Exhibiting spiritual maturity in his/her personal relationships, family, work and service

Please prayerfully click the button below and submit up to seven people, who you believe meet the above qualifications. Please list in order of preference:

Nomination Form

By Laws of Copperfield Church

Current Advisors: Andrew Brown, Mitch Gilgour, John Hervey, Bart Salmon, Robert Simmons, Kevin Thornsberry, James Womack.

The leadership team spent time meeting together, praying, and seeking counsel about a transition plan for Copperfield Church. Below is the transition plan we developed.  

As a ministry team, we will work to continue the ministries God has given us to do and to seek Him and His direction as we move forward. Pray for us. Our advisors will meet with us regularly to offer counsel and support. God has given us great leaders at Copperfield Church, and they will continue to lead in this transition. Our volunteers are continuing to faithfully serve.

As we walk through this transition, we have enlisted the help of Dr. Josh Ellis, the Executive Director of the Union Baptist Association. He has met with our leaders, our staff, and our advisors. He and his staff have tremendous experience in helping churches not just survive but thrive in transition. He has agreed to be a consultant for us and we will continue to meet with him and seek his wisdom.

One of the ways God has gifted Copperfield Church is with preachers. In our congregation and on our staff, there are a number of people who are qualified, experienced preachers. And in this season, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from many of them.  Our goal is to develop sermon series that serve the body of Christ and help us know Jesus and follow Him more closely. We will also have the opportunity to hear from some gifted preachers from outside of our church, especially in the next few weeks. Dr. David Hardage, the recently retired president of the Baptist General Convention of Texas will be with us for two weeks, and Dr. Josh Ellis, Executive Director of the Union Baptist Association who is our consultant will also be with us for two weeks and a few other times throughout the transition.

Pastoral Care
We are, as always, available to you to provide encouragement, spiritual guidance, prayer, and ministry to you and your families. Please contact any of us at any time.