Our student ministry is split into two age groups:
Middle School: 6-8 grade
High School: 9-12 grade

Both groups meet in the same location on Sundays for small groups and Wednesdays for Connect, and then break into age-specific groups.  We are committed to walking alongside our students to deepen their relationship with God and help them develop a faith that sticks.


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What is Xscape?

Xscape is our annual discipleship event where students area challenged in the Word. Students participate in high energy worship services, group activities and recreation. It is a time to grow in fellowship with friends.

What is the theme for this Year?

Many of us are having a problem being in the lives of our students. Many of them are merely going through the motions of life and just trying to survive their culture instead of being the transformational life changers God has called them to be. Revival Not Survival is about fixing that problem. We want to change the conversation. We want students to live believing that not only can revival in our world be a reality but they can also be a part of it.

When does registration open for Xscape 2019?

Registration for Xscape 2019 is currently open simply click at bottom of page. This online registration is for individuals as well as youth groups. To register your middle or high school student for Xscape, please contact a youth ministry staff or volunteer at your church/group. If you need help logging into and/or creating your group account, please email us at bwashington@copperfieldchurch.com.

Is Xscape for Copperfield Students only or can individual students and Youth Groups register for Xscape?

The way Xscape works is that students attend as individual students. Nevertheless, We truly believe that when students come to Xscape they should meet new faces but also see familiar ones. Therefore, we encourage students to invite friends. We want Xscape to be a place where students can develop & strengthen relationships in a youth group or church that they can stay connected to for the rest of the year.

How much is the deposit for Xscape & when is it due?

A $50 deposit per spot is due at registration. The deposits must be paid in order to secure your spots at the price at which you registered. All deposits count towards your total balance & are nonrefundable.

How do i make a payment?

*You can make a credit card payment (with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card) by clicking https://coppertx.infellowship.com/Forms/410719 or a check mailed to:

Copperfield Church

Attn: Registration

8350 HWY 6 North Houston, TX 77095

What does this price include?

The price for Xscapes includes 2 nights of lodging, 4 sessions, session materials & 5 meals.

What are the ages for Xscape?

Xscape is for students aged between 6th grade & 12th grade.

What will our rooming situation be?

Students will be staying in host homes provided by our church family. Some of the homes are our student ministry small group leaders’ homes. In some cases, parents of students homes will be used as well.

What activities are available for students during free time?

On site there is the Neon Volley Ball, Neon 9 square, Neon Nerf War, Neon GAGA ball & games such as triple toss, cornhole, spikeball & kanjam.


• 6-on-6

• Substitutes are allowed

• Must have at least one girl on the court at all times

• Leaders may play on the teams

Is there a dress code for Xscape?

Yes. The reason for our dress code is so the focus of Xscape will not be altered. We want to keep Xscape with as little distractions as possible. Guys, here are some parameters to follow:

• Please make sure all attire is modest & appropriate.

• Wear a shirt at all times that completely covers the chest & torso.

• No sagging of shorts, pants or swim trunks. Girls, here are some parameters to follow:

• Please make sure all attire is modest & appropriate.

• Stomach should be covered at all times.

• All shirts, dresses, & rompers should have a modest neckline.

• Shorts & rompers must have at least a 3” inseam.

• Skirts, dresses, & rompers should keep you fully covered when bending over.

It is of great importance that church leadership properly guides the focus of Xscape. If students do not follow dress code, Xscape staff & interns hold the right to ask students to change into appropriate clothing. Parents will be contacted if necessary.

What do my students need to bring?

Students need to bring toiletries, t-shirts, Bibles & journals. sleeping bags & bath towels. Students may also want to bring extra spending money for snacks.

What if i have another event this weekend?

If you have an event and you need to get away, you may fill out a Time Away Form from office.


Host Home leaders provide most of the transportation. We also enlist drivers from the church. We don’t allow students to drive themselves.