Brian - move logo to top left, navigation over to right align.  Make sure this doesn't mess up the mobile page when we move the logo.

Adult Discipleship - add groups and studies and senior adults ------- can we get an updated list on whats happening and for who

Special Interest ministries section - add special needs into this, add worship arts, rec

MOPS - add somewhere?  Maybe link to it from preschool ministry?

Add affiliations to what we believe

Calendar - can we link our insane calendar with a google calendar that we can set some sort of filters on so it doesn't show dumb information that doesn't need to be public?

Discover Copperfield - should it be under who we are/what we believe?  Events?  Get involved?

HomeField and FaithPath - where the heck do they go?

Get Involved on home page - takes you to a section where you can click to volunteer or learn about missions

Give on home page - link to online giving, instructions for text to give, etc.

Welcome video?  -------id put this under about? GG

Video for home page background