Sunday Mornings - Preschool

Welcome to the Preschool Ministries of Copperfield Church!

Our purpose is to assist families like yours in the spiritual development of our little ones by offering age-appropriate learning that encourages them to discover God in a personal way. We are committed to providing a safe, clean, and nurturing atmosphere in which our youngest ones can enjoy themselves while their parents are participating in church-related worship and activities. 

If at any time you have any questions or concerns, or if you would like to become involved in this life-changing ministry, please feel free to contact Susie Quezada by e-mail.


Preschool-Sunday Mornings

Sunday Morning
11:00 am service

Lots of learning happens on Sunday mornings in Preschool. By using Bible stories, music, hands-on crafts, Bible video clips, and exciting activities in small group and large group settings, we do our best to engage every preschooler in the lesson. And with Bible stories geared just for little minds, children leave the classroom each week with a bigger understanding of the God who created them.


We Care About your Child's Safety and Security

To protect the safety and security of all preschoolers, a security nametag and matching receipt for parents are printed upon check-in at one of our computer kiosks. In addition, only adults with the security receipt will be allowed to pick up their child. An adult wearing a Preschool Ministry badge or nametag will take the child inside the room and make him/her comfortable.

Baby Dedication

Would You like to dedicate your child?

Please read through the Baby Dedication Policy below. After you have read the policy, you may fill out the Dedication Form.

Baby Dedication Policy